Joe Smith

Hometown: Llanfyllin, Wales

Discipline: DH / Enduro

KJ Sharp

Hometown: North Yorkshire

Discipline: DH 

Joel Anderson

Hometown: Bridgwater, England

Discipline: Freeride

Lachlan Blair

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Discipline: Enduro

Joe Connell

Hometown: Inverness, Scotland

Discipline: Enduro

Tom Wilson

Hometown: Innerleithen, Scotland

Discipline: Enduro

Chris Cumming

Hometown: Rosstrevor, Northern Ireland

Discipline: Downhill

Ronan Dunne

Hometown: Wicklow, Ireland

Discipline: Downhill

Tommy Magnenat

Hometown: Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Discipline: Shredding

Nikki Whiles

Hometown: Cardiff, Wales

Discipline: TBC

Ajay Jones

Hometown: Newport, Wales

Discipline: Plumber

Archie Sharpie

Hometown: Cirencester, England

Discipline: Shredding

Freddy Pulman

Hometown: Axminster, England

Discipline: Slope Style

Ryan Tunnell

Hometown: Plymouth, England

Discipline: Downhill

Harry Barrett

Hometown: Whistler, BC

Discipline: Shredding

Clash Racing

Various, UK

Discipline: Track, Crit and Fixed

Natasha Bradley

Torquay, UK

Discipline: Enduro, DH, Jumps

White Room Mountain Biking

Hometown: Les Arcs, France

Discipline: Big Mountain Adventure Holidays

Alex Holowko

Tweed Valley, UK

Discipline: Enduro

William Brodie

Tweed Valley, UK

Discipline: DH

Dylan White

Hometown: South West, UK

Discipline: Jumps, Downhill, All Sorts

Fleur TK - Starling Cycles

Bristol, UK

Discipline: All Sorts

Boosted Bryn - Starling Cycles

Bristol, UK

Discipline: Big Ass Jumps

Joe Varndell - Starling Cycles

Hometown: Tweed Valley, UK

Discipline: Downhill, Enduro


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