Dirt Juice, Bike Cleaner Double Pack

A double-trouble-for-dirt twin pack of Dirt Juice and Dirt Juice Super.

A double-trouble-for-dirt twin pack of Dirt Juice and Dirt Juice Super.

The Dirt Juice Double Pack gives you a bottle of Dirt Juice Bike Wash with a spray trigger and a bottle of Dirt Juice Super Concentrate.

Dirt Juice Super is our undiluted, concentrated cleaner. It's a smart, powerful degreaser that's perfect for washing dirty bikes like cassettes and chains.

Add water and Dirt Juice Super transforms into Dirt Juice Bike Wash - a tough as nails, simple and great value bike wash that's kind on paint but tough on grime.

Once mixed with water the double pack will create a whopping 11 litres of bike wash and should last for hundreds of bike washes. It's the best value way to buy your bike wash, hands down.

You can reuse both bottles as many times as you like and, when you're done, they're fully recyclable.

2 x 1 Litre


Product Info

  • Combines 1 x Bike cleaner & 1 x Bike Cleaner Concentrate to provide 11 litres of bike cleaner
  • Professional grade bike cleaner
  • Safe for use on all surfaces including discs, pads & carbon fibre
  • Refillable trigger spray bottle
  • Premium quality foaming trigger spray
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Recyclable packaging

Step By Step


Point hose pipe at bike.

Fire H2o generously and make sure to get all the muddy bits good and soggy.


Lash Dirt Juice across your whip giving a few extra squirts to the really muddy bits..

Loosen up the worst of goop with a brush and let it rest for two minutes for the Juice to work its magic. Work a bit extra into your drivetrain to make use of DJ’s degreasing powers.


Rinse with fresh water and work any muddy bits with a clean brush.

Use JL69 to send left behind moisture packing and Frame Juice for a showroom shine. Last but not least, Fork Juice your fork and oil your chain.

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